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Welcome to the world’s smallest ideas Small ideas are about finding and using hidden spaces and choosing furniture that does more than one thing. It’s about being creative, a little rebellious and doing what you dream about no matter how much or how little space you have. And we think that is a pretty big idea.

Six small spaces to explore
Creating a small kitchen that can handle your biggest recepies

If you wish for a big country kitchen, but live in a small apartment in the city you don’t have to give up your dreams-maybe just shrink them a little.
Squeezing a small laundry room into a small bathroom and still finding room to relax

With on/off ideas and storage that uses the walls efficiently, a small bathroom can do more.
Building a walk-in closet in a small bedroom before bedtime

Building a walk-in closet in a small bedroom may seem like an impossible dream, but it’s really not that difficult to do.
Making space to be together in a small apartment

Moving in together means combining two homes into one. How do you fit everything in without having to compromise?
Finding your own space in a shared space

Six friends living together in 40 square metres might seem like a recipe for disaster, but a home like this proves that when everything – and everyone – works together almost anything is possible.
Transforming a small living room into a room for everyone

Rooms in small homes are expected to do a lot, which makes them difficult to define. But when you have foldable, flexible, stackable, roll-able and climb-up-on-top-able furniture, your small rooms can transform into whatever you need them to be.
Whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, small ideas can help you make the most of your space.

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