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Please be weary of this company. They have covered themselves on all fronts in their terms and conditions. I recently paid nearly £400 for an essay, which completely failed! When I contacted them to inform them that not only has it failed but it had further financial loss to me, as I had to pay to repeat the module, they were not concerned in the slightest! What an awful way to deal with desperate students! Anyway, they asked to send through a PDF of the university comments etc to account for why it failed, so I did that. A few days later they get back to me saying their "reviewer" has had a look through and they were not convinced with the university's comments and that not only should the essay not have failed but also achieved a 2.1 (which is what I paid for). So I was reasonable, asking what else can I provide you with to prove that the university markers failed it (usually two markers), they said nothing! Then when I asked for compensation, they said their terms and condition states you are not supposed to submit the work as it is, you should use it only as a guide, so they were not responsible for my failure. However, a part of the submission I changed myself, and they turned around and said oh yeah that failed because you changed it, so they were not accountable to changes made. So this company has itself covered with its terms and conditions, so when you pay for your essays you need to know it is a huge risk. Their writers are not all experts and it is likely yours might fail just like mine did. On top of that, they offer not resolutions or compensation for selling me something that did not meet the expectation. Also, more importantly, it seems like a tightly run family business as well, because when I asked to escalate the matter to someone senior, the woman OLIVIA, was offended, saying she was senior and there was basically no one else I can talk to about it. They then offered me a 20% voucher to use on their site, but why on earth would I use their site again?!!! To pay more and fail again? When I refused and insisted a full refund they shut down my account!!! Please everyone, be careful of this company! Might be better to get help from people you know face to face who won't scam you like UK Essays did to me.

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Custom Law Essays

It is absolutely absurd to consider that students these days would be able to manage all of the custom law essay writing task given to them every few weeks or even less at times, without any sort of external help. Students are generally overburdened and over stress buy the amount of law essay writing work given to them almost daily, and also by the fact that all of it marked and accounts for their final grade. These only circumstances only promote stress levels and anxiety issues among students, without actually presenting a practical and proper solution. The only actual option that students facing difficulties in completing their work have, is to hire the services of expert essay writing services.

Law Essays Help – Custom Law Essay Writing Service

Online essay writing services by Law Essays Help cannot only help you by completing all of your essays in the nick of time but also help you understand the subject matter more and also have enough free time to catch up on your studies and be able to attain a better overall grade. Not to mention all the stress and anxiety that such services get rid of by solving you all of your writing problems. A good law essay writing service will be able to give you the best of your money’s worth. The following essential requisites in writing essays are normally provided by essay writing services:

  • Original and plagiarism free content. You will always need unique content to be on all of your essays and written school work.
  • On time delivery. So that you do not fail or lose on valuable marks due to a late submission.
  • High quality work. You have signed up for a professional service and it is only fair to receive the right service for your money’s worth.

Dial us at or email us at info@lawessayshelp.co.uk

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