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Pediatrics is all encompassing.  It is a field whose definition of quality care expands beyond office visits and parental counseling, to a career focused on patient advocacy.  Pediatrics is a field where learning and teaching are endless, so that each patient brings new experiences.   As far back as elementary school, when my aspirations changed from President of the United States of America to Veterinarian as quickly as every two weeks, I can remember my mother always reminding me that the goal of a career is finding something you love doing, so that getting paid becomes a perk.   Later in life, I found my favorite author, Maya Angelou, who has never ceased to inspire, and her words above remind me of my Mother’s life lesson.


I have always enjoyed working with children and spent the majority of my service and leadership activities working with youth of all ages.  Third year of medical school has been such a wonderful sampling of clinical experiences, and although I had an idea that I was interested in pursuing a career in pediatrics, it became very apparent on my first few weeks of the pediatric clerkship that it was a perfect match.  After full days of floor and clinic work, evening and night calls, I realized that day after day I wasn’t going home drained and tired, but full of new knowledge, stories if interactions with patients, and plenty of topics to research.  The time at the hospital passed by effortlessly and at each day’s end, a smile was left on my face with motivation to meet the morning’s challenges.  I am a student, a teacher, and an advocate for others.  Medicine is full of questions with yet undiscovered answers, but the academic setting of learning by doing and from those with experienced perspectives is inspiring and something I hope to be a part of for life.  The team approach to pediatric medicine and the broad scope of possibilities is what I find most appealing.  I want to teach my patients and their families and will always expect to learn something new from them.  Working with youth is an opportunity for healing, creativity, and becoming part of an individual’s support system and growth.  In medical school I expanded my involvement in leadership and community service with a student-run free clinic administrative role, which provided the chance to view community health issues from a provider’s prospective.  Writing curriculum for and piloting a healthy lifestyles youth program was an avenue for inspired passion from a small-seeded idea at a first-year medical school conference.  Pediatric medicine, I am certain, will continue to provide ample opportunities for motivation and advocacy.  I am looking for a path that challenges, encourages, and allows for a wide array of opportunities.  My drive and dedication are balanced by genuine passion for my chosen career.  I hope to work hard and as Maya Angelou states, “become truly accomplished”, for no other reason than because I love what I do.

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Pediatrics Personal Statement #1

Pediatrics is an exciting, challenging field that allows the physician to draw together different talents in order to provide quality care. I am drawn to Pediatrics because it is the only medical field that incorporates all of my interests. As a pediatrician I will be able to act as an advocate for children, work toward health policy reform, and encourage and support the needs of my patients. The long-term impact that a pediatrician has is tremendous. Pediatricians take an active role in the healthy development of children. Parents trust the judgment of their children�s physicians and rely on them for advice. I believe that lessons learned at a young age, especially those related to health choices, tend to stay with one through life. The opportunity to serve as a role model for children, encourage them to develop their talents, and promote a healthy lifestyle greatly appeals to me.

Pediatrics, more than any other medical specialty, embodies the ideas and values that I cherish: compassionate care, social advocacy, preventative medicine, and an active interest in community health. My interests extend beyond the clinical realm and the field of pediatrics. As a student in a combined MD/MPH program, I appreciate the importance of caring for the individual as well as the community at large. I am particularly interested in addressing the varied health disparities that exist in the United States. I plan on working with low-income and disadvantaged individuals and will work toward increasing the accessibility of healthcare.
I have supplemented my medical school education with a variety of extracurricular experiences. I have worked with community youth through various programs. These experiences have shown me the immense potential that children have when given the proper encouragement. This became especially clear to me through my work with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I started volunteering there last December and was matched with a twelve-year old boy named Joe. Joe�s difficult childhood negatively affected his communication skills, his self-confidence, and his school performance. I meet with Joe at least every other week and have seen an incredible change over the past several months. He has become more assertive, self-confident, and his school performance has markedly improved. While I cannot attribute all of this change to the time we spend together, I do believe that my relationship with him has had a positive effect. As a pediatrician, I look forward to the opportunity to have this type of impact on a daily basis.
I am confident that I have the drive and the necessary attributes to become a successful pediatrician. My volunteer and extracurricular experiences demonstrate that I relate well to individuals from diverse backgrounds and establish honest and sincere rapport with patients, families, and co-workers alike. My ability to listen to others and to treat their feelings with the utmost respect and concern allows me to build these relationships. In addition, I strive to optimize my potential through hard work and dedication. Approaching every situation with humility, I seek to apply thorough and conscientious decision-making. I understand the importance of working as a team and value the opportunity to achieve a common goal.

My immediate goal is to join a residency-training program at a large academic center in an urban setting. This environment will enable me to work with a diverse population, explore fellowship opportunities, and give me the personal enjoyment of living in a metropolitan area. An academic environment is appealing because it fosters intellectual curiosity and permits ample teaching opportunities. After residency, I see myself working in a similar setting and pursuing my interests in clinical practice, public health, and academic teaching.

Pediatrics is an exciting field with an immeasurable potential for creating positive change. My educational and extracurricular experiences have solidified my desire to enter this extraordinary profession. I am excited to further my career goals through a Pediatrics residency.

Pediatrics Personal Statement #1

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