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Many or most uses of images, quotations, and other materials in a thesis or dissertation would be fair use (please see the tab on Fair Use Basics for more information), but you cannot assume that an academic purpose automatically guarantees fair use. The key questions are basically: How are you using it? and Are you using an appropriate amount?

At one end of the spectrum, imagine a short quotation, or an image reproduced at a viewing-friendly (but not reproduction-friendly) resolution, and a dissertation that discusses and critiques that image or quotation. The writer is using the material to make a particular point important to their scholarship, and adding to academic discourse on the subject. No one is going to use the dissertation as a substitute for the original work. Few or no copyright owners would object to this type of use as a fair use, requiring no permission, and it is hard to imagine a successful challenge if they did. The analysis generally changes little for dissertations on the internet; you may want to consider whether you have included, for example, so many things from the same creator or at such a high quality that people would download a copy of your dissertation rather than buying a copy of the work.

On the other end of the spectrum, imagine a writer who wants to discuss one paragraph of another writer's work, but quotes ten pages that are not discussed. Imagine a writer who includes several images from a particular artist, in a format that shows more detail than a user needs to understand the writer's text, or is suitable for poster printing. Even though the writer is creating scholarship and has a noncommercial purpose, the amount used is more than is appropriate.

Many uses will fall somewhere between these two extremes, but in our experience most students writing a dissertation will fall closer to the first case. The nature of a thesis is that most external content is included because the author is making a point about it. Various guidelines exist to help evaluate different kinds of uses in the context of theses and dissertations, such as these from Proquest/UMI. 

Advanced research and scholarship. Theses and dissertations, free to find, free to use.

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グラフ書換えモデル検査のための差分適用グラフ同型性判定における基本閉路長削減手法. 坂爪, 裕也. Waseda University / 早稲田大学.

Islam In Post Soviet Central Asia. [No author]. Jamia Milia Islamia University.

Milindprashnani sadharmyamulak drastant kathao Sanskrutik drastie adhyayan. [No author]. INFLIBNET.

A critical study of management and security of ICT information communication technology in higher technical institutes in pune region. [No author]. INFLIBNET.

Takari Mahaisal upsa jalsinchan yojnecha Sangli Zilhyatil krushi bhumiupyojanavar jhalelya parinamancha ek bhougolik abhyas. [No author]. Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University.

Kam postaviti oznako večkotnika? Božič, Aljaž. Univerza v Mariboru.

Zaznavanje napak v podnapisih v transportnem toku digitalne televizije. Lah, Timi. Univerza v Mariboru.

Dramatic Present for Deception of Perception. Simreich, Anja. Univerza v Mariboru.

A Study of Human Resource Management of Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission co Ltd MSEB Aurangabad zone. [No author]. Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University.

Entwicklung einer hocheffektiven Magnetfeldabschirmung für die Forschungsraketenmission MAIUS-1. Kubelka-Lange, André. Universität Bremen.

Electrochemical and morphological characterization of the Interface at negative electrodes in aqueous metal-ion batteries "Gas Evolution & electrodepostion Efficiency" Bani Hashemi, Amir. Universität Bremen.

Nanded zilhyatil ucch madhymik vidyalyin mulinchya laab udi kshmtevar honara parinam. [No author]. Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University.

Socializing the rural development Gandhis way. [No author]. INFLIBNET.

Pravni in finančni vidik izbrisa podrejenih obveznic - primer RS. Levart, Nastja. Univerza v Mariboru.

India s Policy Towards Palestine Since 1947. [No author]. Jamia Milia Islamia University.

Tempo and Meter in Selected French and Italian Organ Works (1600-1670). -4275-3038. University of Houston.

Propuesta de Movilidad Urbana de la Ciudad Universitaria de San Salvador. Alvarado González, Madelyn Clarissa Estela; Castaneda Villalta, Julia Mirely. Universidad de El Salvador.

Anteproyecto Arquitectónico para el Instituto Especializado de Nivel Superior de las Artes de El Salvador. Andrade Blanco, Ricardo Ernesto; Escobar Mejía, Willian Geovanny. Universidad de El Salvador.

Jake Heggie's Another Sunrise: Krystyna Zywulska and the Nature of Survival. McKnight, Lynda Keith. University of Houston.

Role of Angiotensin II Type 2 Receptors in Oxidative Stress and Inflammation. Sabuhi, Rifat 1982-. University of Houston.

Studies on the freshwater prawns of atyidae and palaemonidae of chengalpattu MGR district Tamilnadu India. [No author]. University of Madras.

Entwicklung und Evaluation der FAMULATUR PLUS als innovative Lehrintervention zur Verbesserung praktischer Fertigkeiten Medizinstudierender in der körperlichen Untersuchung. Jerg, Achim C. H. Universität Ulm.

Virtualização processual e a reestruturação organizacional do Poder Judiciário do Rio Grande do Sul. Vivian, Sheron Garcia. Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul.

Parbhani zilhyatil Ghisadi samuday ek samajshastriya adhayan. [No author]. Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University.

Design Synthesis and Pharmacological Investigation of a Novel Class of Heterocycles. [No author]. Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University.

Studies on vector Mosquitoes of Chennai city. [No author]. University of Madras.

Matura kot zaključek srednješolskega izobraževanja v sloveniji. Babič, Sara. Univerza v Mariboru.

Avtonomno aktivno breme za testiranje baterij. Kolbl, Jernej. Univerza v Mariboru.

A Conductor's Guide for the Performance of the Mass in E-flat by Jose Joaquim Emerico Lobo de Mesquita. Gomes, Paulo E. University of Houston.

Športni objekti v grajeni strukturi mesta Maribor. Simreich, Anja. Univerza v Mariboru.

Propuesta de Sostenibilidad para un Centro de Atención Integral del Adulto Mayor, bajo el Modelo Centro de Día, para ADIAMSUCHI en el municipio de Suchitoto, departamento de Cuscatlán. Castro Palacios, Erick Noé; Hernández Navarrete, José Elenilson; Crespo Meléndez, Ramón Armando. Universidad de El Salvador.

Diseño de un controlador digital, para la velocidad de una Turbina Eólica. Cerón Rodríguez, Ernesto Alonso. Universidad de El Salvador.

Black holes in modified theories of Gravity and their properties. [No author]. Jamia Milia Islamia University.

Povezanost socioloških in psiholoških dejavnikov z nakupnim vedenjem in vključevanjem odjemalcev, v personalizirano marketinško komunikacijsko kampanjo, Ta Coca-Cola je zate. Mujagić, Selvedin. Univerza v Mariboru.

The Solo Piano Works of Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee. Cash, Matthew Allan 1983-. University of Houston.

Geomorphometry and Morphotectonics of Tuirini Watershed in Mizoram. [No author]. Mizoram University.

Aavashyaksutra Manovaigyanik adhyayan. [No author]. INFLIBNET.

Poslovna pogajanja s skandinavskimi partnerji. Part, Jana. Univerza v Mariboru.

A visualização guiada por dados na TV : o infográfico como efeito de realidade e elemento de articulação da narrativa telejornalística. Freitas, Fabiana Rossi da Rocha. Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul.

V učenca usmerjeno učenje. Jug, Anja. Univerza v Mariboru.

Freshwater fish and prawn larval rearing using indigenous live feed. [No author]. University of Madras.

Multidimenzionális nemi sztereotípiák a 21. század versenysportjában Magyarországon. Béki, Piroska. Testnevelesi Egyetem.

Sistem nagrajevanja v Banki X. Jalen, Kaja. Univerza v Mariboru.

Genotypic characterization of rice associated azospirillum spp and identification of efficient indigenous strsins for the coastal agri ecosystem. [No author]. University of Madras.

An enquiry into extent and determinants of cropping intensity across the bramhaputra valley of assam. [No author]. Gauhati University.

Heitor Villa-Lobos's Use of Indigenous Brazilian Musical Elements in the Sonata-Fantasia No. 2 for Violin and Piano. Grube, Benjamin J. University of Houston.

Planeamiento estratégico de la provincia de Bongará, Amazonas. De la Cruz López, Corina; Pancorbo Sayas, Cristina; Honores León, Joel. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

Advanced electrochemical analysis: boron-doped diamond electrodes, electrocatalytic films, and combined SECM - SPR. Hartmann, Andreas. Universität Ulm.

Protective effect of Liv 100 a polyherbal formulation on biochemical alterations induced by antitubercular drug regimen isoniazid rifampicin and phyrazinamide. [No author]. University of Madras.

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